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  1. 2002 Xterra SC aka Shitbox

    02 Xterra SC auto 200 k, Fun lil project
  2. Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I sold my 2014 Jeep Cherokee and just got an 02 Xterra SE Supercharger. I kinda knew this would be a project car and so me and my buddy estimated some extra money for repairs. But, woah, this ended becoming a sand pit! Hopefully, this is it for now... We bought the car for $2800 in...
  3. Member's Xterras
    -----Current Status----- I spent much of my driving life operating 90's Honda cars and farm trucks. My most recent Honda that I still drive on occasion is my 1999 Prelude H23A: After getting tired of not being able to drive over speed bumps without stopping, getting stuck in the winter...
  4. Repair Questions
    Hi, new member. My dad just bought a 2002 Xterra 2wd V6 3.3L and we've had many things go wrong, and anytime I google the problem, I see this forum, so I figured it was time to join, lol. So to the new problem. We were in line at a drive thru and the temp gauge kept climbing and climbing till...
  5. Northeast Forum
    Im the [email protected]#ing new guy around here and i just recently paid my 02 xterra off. Its superchared. I need ideas. I want to do some upgrades. I wish i had the 4x4 but i dont so im gonna work with what i got. I live in VA Beach, Va. i need some advice. Im in the military and i want to have some fun...
  6. Performance Mods
    i live in the great state of virginia (sarcasm). im in the military and need to keep my xterra inspected. if i were to put a cold air intake in it will the inspector fail me? i have an 02 supercharged (should have gotten the 4x4). i want the intake to help my supercharger and help save gas but i...
1-6 of 6 Results