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These are considered "oversized" for my X. Debating getting 4 new tires at the manufacturer spec, or Getting 2 new ones of these to replace my front end.

Manufacturing spec

My engine bay fuse/ relay box missing horn relay. Which is ok at the moment because I had the horn tested and it did not work anyway so I took that off as well and have plans to order a replacement. Not exactly sure where I am supposed to mount a ground wire though. Any advice or tips is welcome.


2001 Red Xterra SE 6.6 4x4 Automatic I call him Ol Red
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Update: 12/26/20

Hankook dynapro at 2, tires will get put on either Monday or Tuesday. Relay for fuse box has been ordered as well as a new horn. Will create new posts for them once I recieve them and am ready to install.