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General Description

I dont know what to say. This is my 2nd X and i love it as much as i did my 01 SE. I miss my sunroof but i love this interior! Paint is getting weird cracks in it, though. Any ideas to fix it without spending thousands on paintjob are appeciated.

Never Ever wanted black. Wanted that sweet metallic green or root beer or night armour grey. Yeah, ended up with black. But... its an X so im good.

Here are some shots of the X n its commo/camera setup.Travel phone is Apple iPhone SE n does maps, music, n audiobooks just fine.

Radio setup is purposeful so i can make my kit disappear if im worried about break in bait. i cam make radios n antennas disappear in a moment. Its also handy for drive through car washes n such. I also have a magmount New York President antenna which is great for trails with trees n low clearance. Magmounts get great swr n allow for versatility n easy removal.

Ham radio is Kenwood thf-6a with magmount antenna. CB is Midland 75-822. Both radios are excellent. They get out n receive great! Both have speaker/mic handsets.

The cb antenna, Stryker SR A10 is mag mount, gets excellent range n swr, n lights up blue when you key the cb mike. Very cool at night. Id like to do blue under-carriage lighting but i fear that would limit off-road options AND target my X for thieving jerks or cops looking to mess with someone. Maybe the future holds some red interior mood strip lighting n a memory foam mattress in back like i had in my 01.

Camera is a go-pro style handycam with micro-sd card. It does a great job. I also keep a cheap StealthAngel emergency kit and my Scottish Sgain Dubh knife in my first aid kit. The knife, pen, and little flaslights have come in handy.

I’ll load up pics of my overnight/
astronomy and SCA fencing travel kits sometime. The pups are my co-pawlots. Enjoy the eye candy.



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