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3.3 V6 auto, 128k miles
added a cheap led rocker switch to control amber halo lights, exterior led round lights, and interior led aesthetic lights
Recently rolled Nissan Xterra 4x4 sw runs great, tends to slip in drive not in 3 , comes with radiator. $1,100
Shrockworks design I am 90% satisfied, they need a better install guide and explain about common challenges. I’d recommend it to Xterra peo
Call or Whatsapp 00971582373316
Hard start,, rough idle, smell of gas in oil
LUX Monster XL RGB lights installed
Exited to get her some new stuff looking for places to get her going.
2002 Rusty but O so trusty!
02 one owner, always maintained. Has engine light(02 sensor code ) but passes NH safety inspection $2000
sorry this is a terrible dad joke (I hope people get it lol)
Just finished redoing all the plastics, air box mod and adding an internal bike rack!
My new (to me) 2011 Pro-4x (Asp Explorer/Krait Mk II Explorer- I Fly Dangerously!)
Plasti dipped the last of the plastics
Finally done with my X for now. I think she has turned out pretty good. Being a relatively cheap build.
Recently purchased from my local auction
The gal friend and the dogs and the x
Exterior pictures of my X, as well as first time new headliner