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  1. FS: Custom Roof Rack/ Roof Basket

    I just did a quote online and i looks like $65 to $75 for shipping
  2. FS: Custom Roof Rack/ Roof Basket

    i was thinking like $125. I will have to get a quote for shipping. It would be a pretty big box.I will get a quote either today or tommorow
  3. FS: Custom Roof Rack/ Roof Basket

    its sounds pretty good. Not very loud tho. Its because of the 4 Cats.
  4. FS: Custom Roof Rack/ Roof Basket

    I have a roof rack/ basket that i built and welded. It mounts to the factory cross bars. No drilling required. It sits about 1/2 inch above the roof of the xterra. It is black in color. The dimensions are 40.5 inches long by 32.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep. MAKE ME AN OFFER !!!
  5. Knock sensors

    Repair Questions
    I have a 02 super charged xterra. i put full synthetic oil in and lucas oil stabilizer and my knock sensor dont come on unless my intake air temp gets above 75 degrees. So in the winter it hardly ever comes on.
  6. Knock Sensor Replacement

    Repair Questions
    i see that yours is not sc. i have it takes longer. so about 200 for the labor a good deal?
  7. Knock Sensor Replacement

    Repair Questions
    i am just wondering why alldata says it only takes 3 hours and the dealer 10 hours
  8. Knock Sensor Replacement

    Repair Questions
    I was wondering why the dealers charge so much to replace this? they told me like 10 hours labor. But i work right next to this wheel and tire/ mechanic shop and we looked it up on alldata and it only said like 3 hours or something, the dealer told me about about 1000 dollars and the shop only...
  9. Painting Bumper Question

    Exterior Mods
    I am in the process of painting my front and rear bumpers, my fender trim and front grill. I personally dont like the look of the bumpers and trim painted when their is the texture on them. So i took some 180 grit sandpaper and got all the texture off, then i primered them, sanded with like 220...
  10. Gas Light!!

    General Discussions
    How far can you all go once your gas light comes on?
  11. When to buff or wax?

    When i first got my X i took some 1500 grit sandpaper and wetsanded the scratches so i had to use a power buffer and it takes much less time.
  12. When to buff or wax?

    Alot of the issue with swirl marks depends on the compound and polish you use and how long you spend with it and believe it or not the pattern you move the buffer in. I personally use stuff some body shops use. Its called auto glym, from the products i have used it seems to work the best. Then i...
  13. When to buff or wax?

    What color is your X? i worked for a body shop a few months back and depending on the color after you buff it you need to wax about once every month to get rid of the swirl marks. For example if you use compound on a black car and then polish and then you need to wax it and keep waxing it every...
  14. Xterra Owners Toys

    Media Gallery
    ya its the 25 anniversary 600.
  15. Nismo Cat-Back Review

    Performance Mods
    Where do you get the federal downtubes from?
1-15 of 15 Results