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  1. RPMS on cold start

    General Discussions
    Hello. Is it normal for a 2000 X w/3.3 to rev up to around 2100ish rpm when cold starting?. It then drops down to about 1100 till it's fully warmed up. Seems to engage into Reverse and Drive harder than before. When fully warmed up its down at around 750. Does all this sound normal? Recently...
  2. 2001 3.3 Random Overheating

    Repair Questions
    My mother's 2000 X 3.3 was having the same symptoms as the OPs. Very random. Had new water pump/thermostat, coolant, fan clutch, good airflow, etc. Radiator looked good. At least I thought it was. Ordered a new S/C radiator. Has never gone above 192 on the scan gauge since(this was about 1.5...
  3. Cold start hesitation

    Repair Questions
    Hey everyone. I have a little issue with our 2000 Xterra XE V6. Lately when first starting out in the morning there is a random hesitation. This only happens during the first 3-5 mins of warm up. Also sometimes when first starting out the transmission will not shift out of 1st gear till I'm...
  4. Rear bumper

    Repair Questions
    Does anyone know if a brand new OEM Nissan rear bumper for a 2000 comes painted and ready to install out of the box?
  5. Timing belt tensioner stud

    Repair Questions
    In the next couple days I will be replacing the timing belt on a 2000 XE and had question about the tensioner stud. I ordered the parts from Courtesy Nissan and of course a new tensioner stud is included. Is it necessary to replace this? What is the procedure for it? Is it supposed to be just...
  6. What's up everyone?

    New Member Introductions
    What's up everyone? From SoCal. Just bought a 2000 XE w/138k recently. Got it for $2300 from original owner. I got it pretty cheap from what people tell me. It belonged to the daughter of the owner of the company my mother works for. Runs/drives awesome. The engine was replaced by dealer about 2...
1-6 of 6 Results