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  • dexterra ·
    hey by any chance do you have a clear pic of the snorkel, I am saving up for one but was also intrigued by how low yours is, thanks I would appreciate it.
    Xterra Mike ·
    Basically you have to take the upper and lower intakes off to get to it. Once you have those off you can see the knock sensor in the middle of the engine valley with a plug going into it.
    DieselXterra ·
    Xterra Mike, Do you have steps to do the repair for a knock sensor?

    I need steps and tools. Pics of step by step would be great or if you can direct me where to see that.

    Thanks DieselXterra
    DieselXterra ·
    Remember only one to 2 cups of diesel mixed with gas per tank.

    I have a second Xterra, just got it about 3 weeks ago but it ain't road worthy just a woods trucks, right, but since I am used to putting diesel in my tank I accidently squirted some into my gas Xterra and it started working better.

    If I were you I'd fix that timing.
    How does it feel with the timing off anyways?
    DieselXterra ·
    Hey XterraMike

    I want you to try this, next time you fuel up, put 1 to 2 cups of ultra low sulfur highway DIESEL fuel in with your gas. This will lubricate your fuel which is what the leaded gas used to do and the unleaded gas used to do with out the ethanol. The ethanol robs the fuel of its lubricating properties.
    You will feel more power, perkier gas peddle, better fuel economy and smoother ride.
    I have tried this so it's okay, you will not be hurting your Xterra.
    Fuel injector cleaner is made of ultra low sulfur kerosene. Kerosene is refined diesel basically and what is ran in the winter in oil furnaces.
    Today's diesel is so clean you can use it to clean your injectors and it is WAY cheaper than paying for Chevron or STP every time. This will lubricate your fuel system, clean it, and possibly clear Check Engine Light. Please try it let me know how it went. Pass the word!
    ShiftingSkys ·
    Hello Mike. What year X is the 4x4 system out of? How much for the complete system including the Dash- Since without it I have no indicator. Also I may or May not need the computer. Do you know if in order to do the 4x4 swap I need the DONOR computer?
    giraffe123 ·
    I wanted to find out if you would sell the snorkel for any less? It's a wedding gift and we are on a tight budget. Let me know. Thanks.
    jusfloorit ·
    YOOO!!! When we going wheeling? Hopefullly soon while my truck is still running good and the Pine Barrons are still standing. Lol. Looking forward to a pine barrons run or a clean up. TTYL.
    kriskool123 ·
    ignore the last reply... thanks i will try to unseize them tomorrow.. you never bough replacements? just unseized them
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