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  • jmoney1990 ·
    No man you were headed north bound I was southbound but you were hauling up the left lane like I was lol! I flashed my brights but I really don't have any (HIDs just go off and back on) If I ever see you when I'm headed through that part of town next time and see you again I'll make sure to say hey!
    jmoney1990 ·
    Saw you driving northbound I25 on sunday man in the springs I was driving down to Trinidad! I'd recognize the hatch anywhere man!
    I0Xterra0I ·
    Hey I've noticed you know a butt ton about X' you know where the idle air control screw is located...could u show me a pic...cuz I'm trying to fix it tday...thanks a ton mate..
    What's up man? just getting into the site and wanting to mod my X. I've have been talking to steezy. he was suggesting talking to you since you live in the springs as well and have done some mods yourself. What do you suggest for lift, tires, rims?
    Creepy Cruiser ·
    Yep, I got it, thanks. (I've just been out crazy all day and didn't have time to call you back)

    Actually I went with a KA24DE (the USDM motor) instead of a SR20DET, (I wanted all the low end torque), so unfortunately it won't work for me. Besides my car is so crazy fast already, I have no need at this point to do force induction, lol. Thank you though for looking out, and I'll pass the info on, and see if anyone else is looking for stuff.

    Thanks again.
    ()veR|{iLL ·
    James whats up its brandon i used to work with you at woodmen. Hows the shop doing. You guys turning some decent hours this summer. Let everyone there know I said whats up. Looking to trading in the frontier for an X but havent found a decent one out here in VA. Keep in touch man!
    dpknowles ·
    I have a 2003 X 6, not SC, with 112,000 miles on it. I usually get 18 mpg on highway. Relatively standard tires, 35-37 psi for highway use. Can any information be put into the fuel injection system - computer- ( I guess through the OBDII port) to increase miles per gallon. I drive to Florida a lot and, when I do not need the power, I would sure would like better mpg.
    Creepy Cruiser ·
    I'm definitely going to take more Todd time though, because now that it's getting summer time, I'll be spending much more time with my wife and son. He is 4 now and I taught him to ride a bike on his own a few days ago. The problem is, since he's only 4, he still can't really reach the ground very well, so when the comes to a stop, he has to kind jump off, so he doesn't fall over with the bike, lol.

    Unfortunately, because I'm not going to be working 20 hour days as much, custom artwork will be a little slower, but all orders will still always go out on time no matter what. I figure if people don't have time to wait, then I probably didn't want them for customers anyway, lol.

    There are a lot of different way to to it. I usually just use a heat gun and get it really warm, and then peal it all off in one piece. Sometimes though, you just have to razor blade it. Some guys use steam (from a clothing steamer or iron) and it works really well too. (you can google and you tube it)
    Creepy Cruiser ·
    You will pretty much always get the voice mail, so always leave a message and your number in case I'm out of the shop (it will page me). Most of the time I'm weeding, installing, or just plain can't hear the phone over all the chaos, lol.

    One thing to remember about me always being busy is, I ship all over the world, so even if it's slow here, it doesn't mean it's slow in Australia or Japan or Canada, etc.
    Creepy Cruiser ·
    Crazy, crazy busy working, lol. My wife told me I need to come back to earth once in a while. This is our super busy time of the year, as soon as the sun comes out, everybody goes nuts, and need stickers for their projects.

    Ather than that, everything is great!

    How about you?
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