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  • MikeyMike413 ·
    hi, i was reading your sticky on the pml you did. i have one side (front passenger) that is saggy and want to do my pml. curious about what kind of tbars and uca you got? i want a lift like yours but before i do my pml i think i need to replace the tbars since the one is sagging already alot. do you have a link or remember how to re-index? ty in advance. sorry im new to this site and it was easier to message you like this
    mykola ·
    Heeyyyy, whats going on man. Been following your guides for quite a while now and finally thinking of going for a BL. By any chance are you available to assist me in putting on the BL? I am located in Denver, CO and would truly appreciate your expertise. If so, what would you charge for that assistance?

    Thank you!
    BigRedOR ·
    Hi Scoocerbrance,

    I noticed a thread you had a while back with coastx about his window not going down. I have the same problem. The motor does not even make any noise. Did you ever hear how he fixed it? any suggestions?

    thanks for your time

    lostcanuck ·
    James, thanks for the Alt advice when i was in SD and had no internet access, you were very sweet considering i called you so late.
    after we upgraded and changed the alt i had my KC's wired up, my X is looking yummy !
    Thanks again !
    Mr.Ed ·
    I just want to say thanks for your [DIY] post, helped me get the most out of low coin with great results !!!! My hats off to you sir !!!!-------Mr.ED
    skymccloud ·
    Ok, thanks for the advice. I was looking at the Gibson online the other day too. I commute to Brighton for work so I'm on the road a good bit myself.
    skymccloud ·
    Hey Soccer,
    I'm in Monument and would like to get a Cat-Back exhaust on my x. Any ideas on where to go? Would like to go with something like a Flowmaster 40 series.
    KUMA ·
    Cool, yeah I would love to help out. Unfortunately the website no longer is up the guy I built it for never would take the time to meet up with me to finish it and so it fell by the way side. I do have a picture though of it. As for coding this particular website I paid someone to do it in a CMS that would allow someone to login and edit stuff, see stats for visits and post news and all kinds of stuff. The guy I paid to code it charged me about $100.00. I can do all the graphics and even make it a simple functioning website but then whenever you want to edit something you would need to edit the HTML coding unless put into a CMS (Community Management System).
    KUMA ·
    Which one? I made one for the national meet, rollover motorsports and several for a couple different project and quite a few for gaming.
    Lucky_lefty ·
    your thread helped alot and the funny part is with all that rust we only broke one bolt the driver front because it was taking to long, the rest came off with no issues like they wereasking to be taken out. thank you very much!
    4x4newbie ·
    hey i saw that you had the calmini shackles, how do you like them? im deciding between those or the AC ones. they are the same price but the ac ones have the square tube brace in the middle that the calmini ones are missing. but i also plan on getting the calmini IAB so it would probably save me some shipping to get the calmini ones i just wanna know how the hold up?
    jmoney1990 ·
    My driver side mirror lol I caught it just right where the concrete barriers stopped for an emergency vehicle turn around! haha
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