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  • billyh ·
    Hey bud, was wondering if you knew of any good wheeling spots down near the Concord area? I'm finally at a point with my X that I can go explore a bit. Just got new 32's put on, PML finished up last month and a few other things finished up as well and a sweet pair of 96' HB hubs for $48! I'm not looking for any trails that are too crazy just some stuff to get my feet wet and its the first time I've had a chance to wheel down here since I moved here last year.
    billyh ·
    I should have said I know I need it for the shackles but as long as the front is possible I can get that out of the way. My fiancé's explorer ate my jack aka she ran it over lol. I need to rip my auto hubs apart both are shot so I feel your pain. I went to hit a few trails last weekend and no four wheel drive in the front. In spite of the hubs I did get to bedliner everything.
    billyh ·
    Hey man I haven't gotten around to my PML yet lol work has been killing me and my jack broke! Anyways I'm just going to do it and see what happens and hope I don't screw something up but I was wondering is it possible to do the PML without a jack? Or does it just become one royal PITA without one.
    Frogstar7055 ·
    Hey man.
    The pin I'm talking about is the one the spider gears are running on.
    It has flats 180deg apart the length of the pin.
    Was yours like this?

    shyamrox ·
    Hey Rob, I really like how you did your roof bars, painting them black, and peeling up the sticker to make the colors inverted.

    So I have some questions before I try this:

    1. Did you remove the roof rack before painting it? how much of a pain was it to remove and reinstall? Do i need to worry about roof leaks if I mess with this?

    2. How hard was it to remove the stickers after painting? Did you wait for it to completely dry before taking up the stickers?
    shyamrox ·
    Great write-ups! You've inspired me to PML my 2004 this summer!

    When you did the PML - did you have to upgrade your shocks to account for the higher ride height? I would think not, but just double checking.

    Also, in the PML how-to, the after that with stock sized tires? Looks good!
    MosesM ·
    On your post about CB placement, your phone mount caught my attn... Where does that come from? A buddy of mine had something pretty similar mounted in a S2000 but I havent thought of anything comparable till I seen that pic just now.
    trevorkayaker ·
    Hey there. I was looking at your thread for the PML. Nice job with it. I will be doing that to my X tomorrow. I also noticed you bedlined all your plastics. I was planning on doing that to mine as well and just wondered what prep work, liner, spray vs roll on etc you did. How was it taking off both bumpers? Thanks in advance. Cheers,

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