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  • Azn29 ·
    Hey man, I got my hands on KUMA 1.0. I'll take good care of it, no worry there. I didn't get very much information from the guy i got it from though. Think you could take a second and tell me a little more about what i just bought? lol Text me up at 801.919.6573.
    KUMA ·
    What X are you talking about? My blue or white one? If it's the blue they are Altezza lights from Ebay. You just have to type in clear headlights for 2000 to 2001 Nissan Xterra.
    AaronsX ·
    Hey ive been reading your blue xterra's build thread. I noticed you have a sunroof and you say its a SE? Thats what mine it 2000 blue SE but only 2wd. Just wondering if yours is 2wd or 4wd?
    Kenny-g ·
    Dude, your story/stories about your Xterra(s) and outdoor living is truly amazing and awe inspiring. You've completely changed my view of what I planned on doing with my's only a 2wd so I'll trade off or sell this for a 4wd v6 1st gen or 1.5 gen Fronty (*Edit: or an nice X from someone on here ???) and do something similar to what you did with your first one ;)

    Honestly, I have a lot of respect for someone who can make a special bond with something (in this case your dog) and keep that spirit going even when that something is gone.

    Anyway, sorry for the ubber sappyness lol just out of curiosity...have you ever been to Wyoming? You would seriously have a blast there (even though you live in the best state for offroading already lol). I absolutely love Wyo and it's gotta be one of the most beautiful states next to Montana and I'm thinkin Utah now :D
    soccerbrace ·
    Rollover. I work for a jewelery store, and we are currently trying to decide what to do with an advertising budget. I remember being very impressed with the rollover site. We mainly target women, and our largest demographic is 45-60 yrs. We would like to target a younger demographic or span our demographic from teen-old. I think one way we can do this is to change our website. Here is the current one:

    I am going to show my boss your sites, and see, If both her and you are interested, if she could pay you to re-design or completely design a whole new website.
    Trexterra ·
    Hey Kuma if you still need a ride for goneMOAB this spring i'll be there. I know a couple others will be too. I'm sure you could teach me a few tricks
    bigcheezhead ·
    Hey man. So I am pretty sure you are the guy that did the loan for my X. I just purchased a cold air Intake and a Remote cooler. I plan on getting all the installed in the coming weeks. I have been looking at the pictures of all the people painting there plastics and I am tempted to do mine... Just not sure how the paint holds up.
    Rons04X ·
    hey dude, i really dig the tail lights!!.... did you just paint them kinda like the tinted tail lights mod? i hope you dont mind sharing... thanks
    UTfrontier ·
    Hey Alex, long time no see. My girlfriend just bought an 04 X. Not sure the trim but its a 4x4. We are excited to bring either hers, my fronty, or both to these meets. So now I can join you for X only stuff, now that I have an X. She also wants to lift it and all that so that maybe next year, we can take it to gonemoab11. Looking forward to this spring and summer and just keep me updated on things. Talk to you soon.
    TN4x4Xterra ·
    Will do! Hope to start using it by this weekend and snap shots of the snow we're expecting this weekend....but first, I gotta finish that long user's manual so I don't mess it up, haha. I'll post pics soon! You'll have to help give some feedbacks on what I could do to improve on the photos though!
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