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  • DawnsX ·
    I just picked up my X from the shop after having my lightbar and lift kit installed, and I got home and realized they put it on upside down.... I even printed out the step by step directions that you had posted one time...

    Has anyone else ever installed one that way? I guess it won't really matter, it just defeats the purpose of it being hidden. I just hate to mess with it to try to re-do it. I gotta get rid of those yellow covers to, haha!!
    Ddog346 ·
    Hey man!
    Was looking at the B&M lightbars for 1st Gens. Absolutely love them! Planning on getting one. Theyre cheap, but I still cant afford just yet
    Kenny-g ·
    Ah that stinks (for me).
    Well good for you that's cool! :)

    *Edit: man I just checked out your new site. Pretty nice man! Well done!
    Kenny-g ·
    Hey dude...I'm baaack ;) Could you change the thing under my username to say "Admittedly A Sticker Whore" or "Hi, I'm Kenny-g and I'm a sticker-addict..."
    Syst3mcr4sh3r ·
    Howdy, noticed you lived here in the Boro as well. I try to keep an eye out for modded Xterras and have only seen one, a green lifted one across from Hardees by Bank of America on MT Blvd. Haven't looked at your pictures/threads yet to see what yours looks like, just curious where in town you lived so if I happened to be in the area I could be on the lookout :p
    kgilmore11 ·
    I was looking at a post you mentioned to another noob that instead of him dropping the big cash to have a place install his SL and BL and that he should drive down where you live and you could do it. I was hoping maybe you could do the same for me?? I'm thinking calmini because the shop who quoted me said the rancho kit looked cheap and incomplete. Would piecing it together be much cheaper or better? Also will just SL 3" allow 33's? My last day is on the 17th before I move to Lansing mi to go back to school and was going to take a couple weeks off, and my girlfriend and I was planning a random road trip anyways so MAYYYBE if you'd be available we could set something?? 231-590-5488 Let me know what you think! Thank you!
    Hugetanker ·
    I know I'm probably starting to get annoying here, but if you could change my actual build back to "Hugetanker's build" that would be great too. Thanks in advance.
    Hugetanker ·
    Hey, I think I may have worded my question wrong. What I was talking about was your links in your signature, not the actual build thread name. I was wondering how you have "Turk" and "Stan" and still have it a link.
    Hugetanker ·
    Yeah, I saw that picture while researching how much to cut. I cut pretty much off already, but was wondering if you had any different angles of that area, just so I could see if and how much more I am going to have to cut.
    Hugetanker ·
    Hey, I was wondering if you could send me some pictures of different angles of where you cut on your body so I could get a better understanding of where I am going to have to cut more on mine after I get my lift on. I already cut quite a bit, and I am trying to keep it as clean as possible. I have pictures of it on my build thread if you want to check it out and maybe give me some advice. If so that would be great.
    jcorduna ·
    Thanks man;

    I've owned my X for almost 2 years now but just a month I decided to start the mods. Great forum, great people and awesome vehicles. Your X is great
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