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  • Xterraman1127 ·
    Hey Drake, I've kinda have an idea that I thought would be a really cool idea and I've been thinking about it and like to see what your opinion would be on this. I've been thinking bout finding some land that's for sale(don't know where yet lol) and possibly making it into basically a off road playground for all the 4x4 junkies. what are your thoughts on that?
    twogrim ·
    I would guess that a name and email would be fine, you can decide once they spell it out a little more what they are after (I have no real idea). Pat.
    twogrim ·
    Hi, not sure if you remember me, I am with Nissan in Smyrna and help you guys a couple years ago with one of your meets, i am being asked to supply a current contact for the clubxterra group and all the contact details I have are out of date. if someone from Marketing with Nissan wanted to get ahold of someone from who should I hae them contact?
    05sptsman ·
    I'm a new member who just signed up this afternoon. I have a 2008 X that I recently bought. I got such a great deal on it couldn't pass it up. 24,000 original miles and it's in mint shape.
    Being a new member I don't fully understand how to communicate with other members or to navigate the system and I'm hoping someone can help me along while I'm learning.
    My first question is - i have just put a stainless exhaust on my X and have ordered a
    K & N model 63 cold air intake. now I would like to install a bit larger tire on my truck then the stock rubber it came with (265/70-R16) I've asked many tire dealers and i cant get the same answer from any two of them as to the largest tire i can put on without any rubbing on and off roads. My choice was a Falken 285/70-R16 however by placing that tire next to the wheel well it seems it may hit in rough situations.
    I would be grateful for any solid info any one on the forum can give me.
    Thanks in advance for all of your help.
    tonezonenj ·
    hey drake, would i be able to use a set of procomp 15x10 with a 3.625 BS to rum 32- 33's with a 3"SL and 2" BL? i just picked up a full set for 150. did i get burned?
    mrezo ·
    Great! I decided to go with 33's PML and 2" BL.

    I read on a thread somewhere on this site that you recommended some 33" Cooper Discoverer STT and a 15 inch rim set up with a certain amount of backspacing. I think I read that it was a setup you ran on your X at one point. Why the Coopers out of curiousity? They look real sweet!
    Do you remember this post at all?
    mrezo ·
    You've posted so much helpful info on the forums and I thank you for that.
    I recently just got a 2000 Xterra SE with 76k miles on it and its completely stock at the moment. I really want to do the PML and put either some 31's or 33's. What do you recommend, and what do I need to do them?

    Whats your current lift /wheel set up?

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    Nesterra ·
    I'd be willing to drive half way, but for me thats like Meridian, MS and I barely get one day off work. So I'd rather just pay shipping. None are severely curbed and/or scratched?
    Nesterra ·
    Sure I'll take em. Can the caps from the 16's fit? They look about the same. I will be willing to pay the extra, but do you have any interest in shipping?
    Badbet ·
    hey bro, sorry to bother ya but you've mentioned a guy named richard in north carolina who fabs bumpers like nobody else. how do i get in contact with this guy? i've seen you mention him, richard right? thanks!
    Jack Ruger ·
    Hello , I'm new, and looking for info regarding my 2005 xterra radiator. I have only have 21,000 and recieved the 96month 80,000 extended warrenty from Nissan . I don't feel like waiting for the trans cooler on the radoiator to leak and ruin the trans. Looking for the best aftermarket radiator. anyone
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