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  • gakeanh ·
    Nam Khóa học kế toán trên phần mềm Misa, Fast
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    dejablue ·
    those 2 code are not important in less your truck is super you have a check engine light? i think you probably need to replace the whole distributor there is a factory defect and after 100000 miles they start to go should take the cap-rotor- electronics out and look in very bottom for any black dust or loose parts ,this is the first sign of the problem . the top bearing goes bad and the black dust gets magnetized and sends a false reading to ecm to fire the plugs at the wrong time . as the truck warms up the bearing get tight and makes run bad.the next that is going to happen is the truck wont start. here is a picture of one that finally would not start. make sure you get the casting #off the old dist there at least 5 different ones and they are not interchangeable.ebay has the best price if you can wait for delivery . if you need help looking it up give me the casting # and will help you look for the right one.
    youngxterra2001 ·
    Hi. i'm new to this forum but i have a 2000 xterra 2wd. and i'm having the worlds worste problem with it.When i first start it up it runs fine,but after about 20-30 minutes its sputs and shakes and eventually stalls out and die.It will start right back up but the rpm just goes up and down.If i let the truck sit there for about 20-30 minutes it will run for awhile and start to do the same thing any suggestions? I've repaced the maf,crank sensor and i still keep getting obd codes 335 and 325. please help me!
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