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  • discipline7 ·
    I have a 2015 S Xterra built in Feb. 2015 and noticed the white decal on the front of roof rack as well as a portion of a black decal on the side have come off. It doesn't look like either were struck by a rock, they just started coming off. Is this common?
    Negritodelswing ·
    Hello to all, my name is ronald and im from bolivia so excuse me for my really bad english but in dont know where to go for my problem, im owner of a nissan xterra 2010 SE with rockford fosgate system and actually i buy a new stereo doble din JVC KW V51bt for replace , so I connect all the wires with help to av manual that i get from internet and the radio works video and connect with my phone but the sound dont work, no sound on any speaker, some body tells me the rockford fosgate amplifier use a different amp or something like that who not work well with conventional receivers and I dont know what i do please help me Im so desperate cuz i work in this project an entire week thank u so much for your help and sorry again for my really bad english
    Gratefuldexterra ·
    Was removing my xterra roof rack that's built in today in order to get pine needles out from under it. It's a 2007 and upon removing the last screw my drill had a bit to much torque and strip the bolt under the screw. I wiggled it around for a while and eventually the screw came out but the cavity where the screw screws into also came out. This also caused the roof panel to somewhat flare out around the site. What do you suggest I do. I could just put the piece back up there and leave one a few out but than I have a hole and I don't want to risk having a leak...?
    Macksauce ·
    Hey creepy do you make Xterra Decals you can put in a sunstrip that would survive outside on the front wind sheild ....I got a 2000 nissan silver xterra and i want to put a silver Xterra on there with the X in the pattern that you do where its a bit bigger then the rest of the letters much would that be and do i need to measure the sunstrip?
    windyweather ·
    Creepy, Got those seat covers and they came away cleanly with headrest covers as well. They are light gray with dark gray accents. They are in pristine shape. No stains or wear that I can see.
    Not sure what you'd like to pay. I just looked at and cloth seat covers go for about $200 / row and up, so how about $300 for the set plus shipping. The box is 27 x 23 x 12 inches and 16lbs. So let me know your zip code and we can figure the shipping. My zip is 97420. Maybe if you are a business you will get a break on the shipping and can email me a label for them. Up to you.

    BTW, the leather seats I just got are Katzkin. Very nice.
    windyweather ·
    RE: 2008 X cloth seat covers.
    I've checked with upholstery folks and they have agreed to try to save seat covers and possibly head-rests. Turns out that often headrests can't be saved because foam is molded into cloth and it can't be cut off. I'll let you know the result of the saving. These are cloth light gray with dark gray accents and I could not see any wear on the seat covers at all. Not sure what they go for, but we can talk about your offer and shipping when I get them. ;) Glad you let me know. The upholstery folks usually just CUT them off to save time. :((( But we are going to save them.
    - ww
    ShiftingSkys ·
    Hello Creepy. I was interested in the Mountain Range Decal. How much are they? I was also wondering about the "X"Terra roof rack decal if it was at all possible to make the "X" Alpine Metallic Green or something very close to it.
    Gustling ·
    Hey Bro, I was checking out your website and saw some stickers I like, but I'm not sure what direction I wanna go with it. I'll email you in the near future at the website and get some ideas, if that's cool. Thanks
    BoulderX ·
    hey man, just got my stickers and promo cards in the mail. totally stoked to have gotten them so fast. they are going onto the X tomorrow if the 10" of snow melts off my truck.
    BoulderX ·
    hey man, i was wondering instead of like a stealth bomber edition can you make a sticker for zombie assault edition? also any zombie stickers would be an awesome edition to my X. hit me up with the details.
    mdphoenix ·
    Hey man. Been a while. How's it going? Business doing well?

    I'm in need of another custom sticker. Probably several actually. Wanted to know if we could get together and make up another one?
    piratex ·
    thanks creepy for all the stickers. i love them. ill post pictures tomorrow some time. im unsure of where to put the lil pirate charlie stickers. i was so close to throwing the envelope away when i saw the lil pirate charlie stickers. :D thanks alot
    phrog man ·
    hey man we made a zombie assault vehicle sticker awhile back. curious if you remember and if you still had the design.
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