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New York Senate Passes Gun Control Measures

This evening the New York senate by a vote of 43-18 passed gun control legislation that basically does the following.

Ban on all magazines over 7 rounds, no more new "assault weapons", all present assault weapons have to be registered and can only be at your home or a "registered range" (no such thing), all ammo has to be bought in person with a background check, all pistol permits have to be renewed.
A brief news story here.

Unfortunately this is what the nation may soon be looking at. Join the NRA or the SAF, to do your part to try and prevent this nation wide. If you're not a contributing member to one if not both of these groups you're part of the problem.

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Also use the NRA contact all your representatives at once tool here to voice your concern over gun control issues. If you've never written your reps the NRA has a great guide page on how to here.

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You ever go read an article on gun control...on CNN for instance....and read the user there are some nut bags on there...from both sides of the issue.

I just don't see the point in the debate for gun control...being an engineer my brain likes root cause analysis and fixing the root issue. The availalability of an AR 15 "military grade" weapon (ha. ha.) is not the underlying cause of mass shootings or violence. Locking a gun up will not prevent mass shootings. Gun safes and locks are mainly to prevent 'accidents' from wandering people not knowing what they are doing. They generally will not keep a determined murderer from breaking in to them.

Nobody needs more than 7 bullets? I guess they have never heard of multiple attackers? Or if an attacker is wearing armor? Will police feel comfortable with the same restrictions they put on citizens?

I am all for some common sense type of stuff to keep guns out of the wrong hands...and to ensure that those that do have them know how to use them. I'd be OK with more in depth background checks...and consistent background checks for all purchases (NC requires a pistol purchase permit for any purchase whether a private sale or dealer...background check required to get permit from sheriff).

I think that real training to get a CCW (not a 30 bullet range test at 21 feet) would be awesome...more rigorous training similar to police or combat where you actually get a chance to simulate a struggle or intense situation. I passed my CCW with 100% on written and range test...but a stationary paper target isn't quite the same situation that you would potentially be needing CCW for. NC is an open carry state, and all you need is a 5 dollar pistol purchase permit from the sheriff's training needed. Of course, this segment of the population isn't the problem, but I think most of us gun people would enjoy extra training like this, and could potentially make us safer as we protect ourselves.

Of course...guess what...I as a law abiding citizen will go through the hoops to legally own my firearms...the wacko wanting to murder a bunch of people...won't really care.

Sorry for my ramblings...I just find it interesting that all the gun control people are the people who don't know anything about them.

Treat the illness, not the symptom. And quit freaking newscasting these psychos 24/ give these pysychos what they want.

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I Completely agree with Rob. In every instance where a shooting happens especially a mass shooting the news jumps all over the story and blows it up. Then shortly there after alot of paper pushers decide to limit/ban guns.

A Murder/Psycho will probably use anything that comes to hand and even if you are "required" to get a permit who says that will stop them.

Like my freind always said. "I have been sleeping with my gun at my bedside for 25 years and not once did it ever harm me."

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So, "Assault Weapons" can only be legally used at your home or at a range? In my view, this doesn't stop somebody from using one to shoot others. Laws have never stopped criminals. If criminals followed the laws, they wouldn't be called criminals. In my view, the only way to fight somebody with a gun, is with a gun itself. Its kinda like the idea of a country having super weapons. Its a to deter the other countries from attacking them, in fear of a massive onslaught of retaliation.
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Non law abiding citizens do not follow the law. Ie, they will find what ever means necessary to get what they want.

They don't put background checks on Home Depot pipe or garden fertilizer. You can buy a shit load of fireworks in SC from some random dude... WTF!!!

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As tragic as these school shootings have been, it's absolutely true that banning guns isn't the answer to stopping maniacs from killing kids. How can this be true? We've seen it in other countries:

Chinese School Stabbings

Dozens of children have been killed in schools in China by terrible human beings with knives and cleavers. What do we do when that happens here? Bann dining utensils?

As it has been stated above, laws keep honest people honest and no more without adequate means to enforce them. Banning guns would keep guns out of the hands of those who would use them to defend themselves and their families but do nothing to stop those with mal intentions.

"No one hunts with an assault riffle, there's no reason for citizens to have one." As a country, citizens of the United States don't own assault rifles to hunt with in the first place. We own assault rifles because this country has a lot of really nice stuff. Resources and supplies that other countries would kill to have. What keeps this country safe is that all of those countries know that if they wanted what we have that not only would they have to deal with our country's defense force, and not only would they have to deal with our country's law enforcement, but that they'd also have to deal with every single armed citizen who's willing to stand up and protect their family from harm.
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And what about the guy/kid who stabbed his dads girlfriend at their house, then drove to a college and shot his dad in the head with a bow and arrow? The father wrestled a bit with the kid to keep the students safe and allow them to get away, but the father ended up not making it and the kid who did all this killed himself with the knife.

I forget the name and the story, but you can find it on

I think it happened in Montana at the end of last year?

Edit> Found it.. Casper College:

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Honestly, the only thing the governor of New York had in mind behind this new gun control measure was getting his name in the spotlight so he and the media can continue to dance on the graves of these innocent children. Not a single damn one of ANY of these politicians truly care about preventing future tragedies near as much as they do getting something on their resume to move on up the congressional ladder.

It makes me sick. Not one single foundation, charity group, or help/support center has been established by the government to help the surviving victims and families of those lost. Why? Because they see opportunity to move on their agenda and unfortunately they are going to trample on these very same people they plan to make the poster child of their agenda.

Chew on this:

Prior to 1989, there were only a handful of incidents in which two or more victims were killed by firearms at a school, including the 1966 University of Texas massacre, the 1974 Olean High School shooting, the 1976 California State University, Fullerton massacre, and the 1979 Cleveland Elementary School shooting (the 1927 Bath School disaster was a bombing, not a shooting, with a firearm used only to detonate explosives). School shootings prior to the late 1990s, when they received intensive press and official coverage, were considered local incidents and may be substantially underreported in current tabulations, raising questions as to whether school shootings are actually increasing or are simply receiving more attention in recent years. From 1989 to 2012, there have been at least 40 such incidents.

March 14th 1989: President George W. Bush bans the importation of weapons deemed "assault weapons".

Late 1980's/early 1990's: ISP's begin as start up companies to offer general public access to the ARPANET (then internet).

1990: ARPANET decommissioned and the "World Wide Web" is created with the first official web browser.

1991: Jeffrey Dahmer makes national/sensational headlines for his murders gaining unprecedented notoriety by the media.

1992: The video of Rodney King being beaten by the LAPD is released. Riots breakout following the trials/acquittals of the attackers.

1993: The "World Wide Web" goes public.
1993: Car bomb is detonated in the World Trade Center causing 1000's of casualties.
1993: David Koresh along with many of his followers as well as many LEO's are killed in assault on the Branch Davidian "compound" in Waco, Texas.

1995: Internet was fully commercialized and the NSFNET was decommissioned which removed all restrictions to carry commercial traffic.
1995: 168 people are murdered after a bombing at an Oklahoma City federal building.
1995: Yahoo and Ebay come online.

1996: A single gunman using multiple handguns, kills 16 children and one teacher in Dunblane, Scotland.
1996: The unabomber is arrested
1996: The Menendez brothers are convicted of killing their parents
1996: 35 killed and 19 injured when a gunman opens fire in a tourist area with an AR-15 in Australia. Australia later passes much stricter firearms regulations and restrictions.

*** From 1995 to 2007, crimes of assault in Australia have risen at 5% each year which is 4 times the growth rate of the Australian population. 42% of assaults were committed in their own homes.

*** Homicides involving firearms have seen little increase or decrease in trend since 1990.

I figure I will stop there and let you guys think about it. Tell me if you think gun control works or if there is something else that should be looked into.

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